We, the Morris Family, and in particular Ronnie himself, wants to take this opportunity to thank you all for the generous donations received. Because of each and every one of you, we have reached our goal and are forever grateful for your generosity, your support and the love you have shown to Ronnie and our family during this incredibly difficult time.

Ronnie’s determination to get well was strengthened a because of your love and support. And because of this help, Ronnie can continue on with private physio therapy, speech therapy and occupational therapy, and he can now be afforded any aids he needs for his recovery, including some special treatments in the U.S. This is made possible because of the generosity of all of you!

He is here, he is fighting for his recovery, he is thankful and he is truly blessed to know his friends, family, peers and students love and support him in every way possible. OHIP’s age discrimination policies failed Ronnie by denying him full time on-going treatment, which should be afforded to everyone regardless of age, but you, our friends and family have not failed him. Together, you have enabled and empowered him, given him strength, courage, hope, love, and made him determined to do his very best to recover as much as his body will permit.

Every single donation, note, flower, gift and card were so gratefully received, and there were some extraordinary efforts made by certain individuals and groups to help produce this outstanding result. We, as a family, cannot say thank you enough for the amazing efforts put forth for the Brampton and Toronto Benefits, and the wonderful online auction by Shelley Oh. (See Events Update)

Special Thanks For This Site:

Jillian Miall, Erin Dolmage and Kelly Lewis for hosting this site, for your tireless efforts, your wonderful way with words, you unwavering support, your combined wisdom and phenomenal talents in making this site possible and for keeping on keeping on! We thank you all for your incredible support!

To our family and extended family, our dear friends, co-workers, business associates, professors, peers and students at York, and to everyone who reached out, many of whom we do not even know, you dug deep into your wallets, donated wonderful prizes, attended and/or supported the events, sent beautiful flowers, presents and cards with wonderful words of encouragement. You are incredible human beings and you are all in our hearts forever.

The Media:

Special thanks to the CBC and Stephanie Matteis, who brought Ronnie’s shocking story to the CBC to better inform everyone on the age discrimination policies of the Ontario Government and their mismanagement of OHIP funds; CBC Radio’s Matt Galloway for the interview with Scott; York FGS (Karen, Max, Marianne and all the gang there – we love you!); Richard Trapunski at Chart Attack; Chris Young at the Toronto Star; Kevin Ritchie and Carla Gillis at Now Magazine; Sarah Murphy at Exclaim; and Shazia Khan at Blog TO, Serge Miville at TFO and Eric Alper at That Erin Alper. A big thank you to you for keeping Ronnie in the News to ensure his story was told, for your dedication to bringing the truth to the public, and for keeping the awareness of age discrimination by OHIP alive. We truly appreciated all that you’ve done.

We’re so grateful and believe in part because of the exposure received thanks to the media attention, we did get part-time limited funded rehabilitation through the Rumsey Centre for Brain Injury and Stroke. We are so grateful as the dedication of the therapists there helped Ronnie to continue on his road to recovery with grace and dignity; Ronnie has worked with many excellent therapists privately and through Rumsey and will continue with private therapy to complete his rehabilitation.

Northern Karate: Thank You to; Kyoshi Sandro Simonetta and Kyoshi Steve Ouslis for their one on one personal work with Ronnie not only assisting him with his balance and agility but in also giving him the courage to pursue one of his many passions again in the future.

Ronnie now has the means and the courage to go forward with many aspects of his recovery, he acknowledges fully that it will take time, but he plans to succeed! He is so grateful for all the love and support, and for all those who went above and beyond. His road to recovery is a difficult one but he knows he does not walk alone!


BRAMPTON’S “Let’s Make Ronnie’s Story History” on September 19, 2015, was organized by an incredible woman with a heart of gold. Mrs. Isabella Smith and a lot of friends came forward and really pitched in to ensure a fabulous result.
TORONTO’S “Do it for Ronnie” on October 8, 2015, was the master plan of Linda Noelle-Bush. Linda worked tirelessly to gather talented musician friends of Ronnie’s together at Lee’s Palace for a night of exceptional entertainment. Again, many friends stepped in to assist ensuring a solid support system was in place to guarantee not only a good result financially, but a touching tribute to Ronnie, to
show him how much he means to so many in the Toronto Music Scene.
These two fine ladies not only raised an amazing amount of money for Ronnie’s recovery, they also gave everyone two great “Feel Good” nights to remember!

For Brampton:

Isabella Smith: The effort was astounding, the energy amazing, the result incredible; you’re one in a million! We thank you sincerely, and we thank Isabella’s Gang: her hubby and our dear friend, Davy Smith, who went above and beyond not only with his time but with selfless generosity he donated incredible prizes to help achieve real success from the raffle and silent auction.
Sam Wood and Andy Paterson: For the exceptional bar service and 50-50 sales.
The Convery Family, DJ Jim Convery and Sons: Incomparable Entertainment and Master MC, plus Jim’s phenomenal wife, our friend Evelyn, who also helped out with ticket sales, loonie toss and more.
Hugo Straney: For providing amazing entertainment! You blew them away, Hugo (but, hey, you knew you would and so did we)! The world should know Hugo Straney!
Margaret Beaupre-Wood and Trisha Patterson: For taking on ticket sales and lending support in so many other ways.
The Cairns Family (Jean, Joe Arlene, Hollie, Keith, plus Tamara McMaster): For doing anything and everything to help make the Brampton night the success it was, from 50-50 to raffle sales to cleaning tables.
The Abraham Family (Frank and Irene, and Joanne and John McVeigh): For providing great food, incredible service and so much more. You all never stop showing us Morris’ how much you love us all!
Isabel Virgillio: For her amazing assistance with keeping the cash straight, and Matt for being her bodyguard!
Marie Shearer and Anne & Ron Auger: For a brilliant job running the silent auction.
Roslynne and Scott: For their devotion to their brother and our family, and for helping any way they could to ensure a great night for everyone. And special thanks to their great friends, partners and extended family for supporting them through it all.
Whyte, Matt, Raymond, Michelle, Lee-Anne, Hannah, Jill, Sue and Stu: You were and are all incredible people! Thank you all for loving our kids!

For Toronto:

Linda (Amazing Friend and Manager) Noelle-Bush – We thank you sincerely for pulling everyone together from near and far for an exceptional night of Indy Music.
The Performers: Mr. Dave Monks (Tokyo Police Club); FrETZ (Fresh Snow and METZ);
The Flowers of Hell, lead by Ronnie’s dear friend and maestro, Greg Jarvis; VANESSA; Hit the North, featuring members of Uncut, The Two Koreas and controller.controller, including Ronnie’s band mates and devoted friends Scott Kaija, Nirmala Basanyake, Colwyn Llewellyn-Thomas and Jeff Scheven; and the incomparable DJ sounds of Sebastian Grainger (DFA 1979) and Master Mixer, Ronnie’s bro Scotty Boy Morris. The night was called Do it for Ronnie and you all came out and did it incredibly!

Silent Auction:

We must say, again: Thank you to Shelley Oh, a fabulous Toronto Fashion Designer, amazing long time friend and supporter of Ronnie’s. We are so grateful for your efforts in making your online auction such a great success. We thank all of the contributors to the silent auction for their wonderful talents and beautiful giving hearts.