Leading up to and including April 24, Ronnie Morris suffered a series of strokes. We’ve all felt helpless and frustrated as one of the nicest, most talented guys we know has been struck with such an unfair tragedy.
As the smoke clears, it’s becoming apparent that this will be a long road to his recovery.
An absolutely phenomenal medical team worked tirelessly to save Ronnie’s life. Now it’s up to us. Our words of encouragement and support will continue to heal Ronnie from within, complementing the medical team’s ongoing extraordinary efforts.
We are also beginning to understand the extensive costs that are associated with his recovery. We are asking for help to fund his physiotherapy, rehabilitation, and associated costs with the long road ahead.
We need Ronnie to focus on being well and awesome. Financial hardships cannot hinder his recovery.
Please visit the Donate page and help any way you can.

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